Daily and permanent menu - Buffet

Thursday, 5. May, 2022

Daily menu

Main dishes

Menu - Permanent offer - Buffet and Cellar

With beer
2 pcs of pickled sausage with onions, bread
80 CZK
Toast with chicken mixture, topped with cheese
95 CZK
Warm potato chips with sweet chilli sauce
75 CZK
Hearty tripe soup
40 CZK
Beef broth with noodles
40 CZK
Czech classics
Beef goulash with onion and horseradish, dumpling
120 CZK
Fried pork/chicken schnitzel, cucumber
135 CZK
Roast sirloin over cream, dumpling
155 CZK
Potato pancake stuffed with spicy meat mixture
135 CZK
Pork ribs roasted in a spicy beer marinade, served on a plank with Dijon and horseradish dip, delicate baby onion salad, bread or rolls
210 CZK
Spicy chicken drumsticks served with sweet chilli sauce, herb dressing, celery stalks, bread or bread rolls
180 CZK
Short order dishes
Tartar steak from real sirloin with two toast slices
200 CZK
Fried cheese (Edam or Cambert cheese), tartar sauce
140 CZK
Chicken slice with ham and cheese
135 CZK
Chopped salad
60 CZK
Vegetable Caesar salad
180 CZK
Side dishes
40 CZK
40 CZK
Boiled potatoes
40 CZK

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Kongresový hotel Alessandria nabízí celkovou ubytovací kapacitu 230 lůžek ve 112 pokojích.
Hotel nabízí celkem 4 sály / salonky různých velikostí.
Těšíme se na vás

Alessandria Congress Hotel offers a total accommodation capacity of 230 beds in 112 rooms.
You will find a total of 4 representative halls / lounges of different sizes.

We are an ideal place for conferences, training, parties, seminars. 
Whether you're travelling for business or pleasure, we're here for you.

We look forward to seeing you
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